How can i publish/store all the selected point by tool 'select' on rviz?

asked 2017-10-25 08:42:24 -0600

zjzjg1280 gravatar image

updated 2017-10-25 08:44:09 -0600

I've tried the turbo-ros-pkg ... it did not work... and always 'Segmentation fault' in the terminal

btw i'm running kinetic

have anyone solved the problem?

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Never used turbo-ros-pkg until you mentioned it. Just FYI I tried it out on 14.04+Indigo and it did exactly what you want. So if you can get to the bottom of the segfault, you're on your way to getting what you need.

jarvisschultz gravatar image jarvisschultz  ( 2017-10-25 10:53:41 -0600 )edit

ok...i still cant solve

zjzjg1280 gravatar image zjzjg1280  ( 2017-10-27 02:36:06 -0600 )edit

Not sure how you are getting a segfault on Kinetic. I tried and was unable to compile turbo-ros-pkg. A bit of digging revealed this commit to PCL from 2013...

jarvisschultz gravatar image jarvisschultz  ( 2017-10-27 11:44:16 -0600 )edit

That commit introduced a bug that was fixed in PR #911 in 2014. My PCL on Indigo is pre 2013 commit and the PCL on Kinetic is post 2013 commit, but pre-2014 PR.... So the TL;DR is: right now turbo works on Indigo but not Kinetic

jarvisschultz gravatar image jarvisschultz  ( 2017-10-27 11:46:07 -0600 )edit

If you wanted to fix, you could edit turbo package to not rely on PCL installed from apt-get by re-writing the few functions that depend on PCL, compile PCL from source, or figure out a different way to get a slightly newer version of PCL installed from binaries.

jarvisschultz gravatar image jarvisschultz  ( 2017-10-27 11:49:04 -0600 )edit

right...i'm still trying but maybe i will do my job on 14 + Indigo by Virtuell box

zjzjg1280 gravatar image zjzjg1280  ( 2017-10-27 12:05:29 -0600 )edit

@jarvisschultz@zjzjg1280 How did you guys try running the turbo-ros-pkg. After doing catkin_make install(which worked with no errors), an object file is created in the devel/lib folder. But how do I exactly use the plugin to publish the selected points?

surabhi96 gravatar image surabhi96  ( 2018-07-23 19:59:43 -0600 )edit

I ran a Kinect so that I was publishing a point cloud, and then I followed the instructions on the turbo_ros_pkg readme to add a tool to rviz. If memory serves correctly, the UI was a bit wonky, but it did work.

jarvisschultz gravatar image jarvisschultz  ( 2018-07-24 12:45:55 -0600 )edit