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The network I need to run my system has multiple constraints that would be easy to fix in the isloated case. But now I need help, I don't know what to do.

The first machine is creating a lot of complication. It's IP is set, it has a startup job and it is the only one able to do what it does. Machine#1 (M#1) is thus static.

  • M#1: ip#:; serial com. to M#2

  • M#2: ip#:; can be changed.Ideally this would've been the master. Communicates with bth M#1 & M#3

  • M#3: ip#:; ethernet to peripheral with ip#:, which cannot be changed.

Ï know it seems like a very strange thing to have the master on anything but M#2, which both process the data delivered by M#1 and M#3. But the time that would take is more than I have getting this done.

Possible solutions: - Routing through M#2 from master on M#1, have attempted the intuitive solution with adding "routes" in the networks interface. I understand that I can do this with two subnets as well, don't know if there is any point in doing the one over the other.

  • Adding a switch.

  • Multi master setup, haven't investigated much of this.

    I'm under the impression that this can be solved with a one-line-comand, but I've failed so far. Please advice. *UPDATE* So I've been working since last time with this, so far to no avail.

  • Despite achieving my initial goal, getting all M#1-M#2-M#3 to talk to each other on the same net, they refuse to do so at the same time. M#1 can talk to M#2 on the same IP address that M#2 can talk to M#3 on, but once I do so I have to reset the net to talk to the other. I guess it's just "first serve", would've expected it to be resolved with a cheap switch, but I understand I may need a "3-layer" one to deliver DHCP-addresses.

I know this is probably very basic stuff, but there are just so many things that "could work".

I also got rid of the roscore-determination, but as I just explained that didn't really matter.

Wish every producer of equipment didn't build their stuff as if it was the only device in the world,hijacking network interfaces, setting environment-variables in mazes of clutter and cross-references impossible to understand - but still technically speaking being able to brag about being open-source. bah.

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What do you mean by "talk to each other"? From the looks of it, this is not ROS-related. You may be better served asking your question on a networking-related site such as Network Engineering @Stack Exchange.

jayess gravatar image jayess  ( 2017-09-15 16:04:18 -0600 )edit