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ROS cannot communicate over network under Natty

asked 2011-06-23 03:23:03 -0500

Mark gravatar image

After updating to Natty, ROS can't communicate locally via network ports no more.

Unable to contact my own server at [http://hostname:48064/].

Changing/setting the variables ROS_MASTER_URI, ROS_HOSTNAME and ROS_IP according to this question didn't help. The tests according to the ROS network troubleshooting guide were partially successful.

  1. ping works for, for localhost and for the hostname.
  2. netcat works for and for localhost, but not for the hostname.

Sorry, in case this is a rather pathetic network problem. Maybe it's something specific to Natty?

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Does the error message literally show 'http://hostname:48064/' or your hostname?
dornhege gravatar image dornhege  ( 2011-06-23 04:03:14 -0500 )edit
No, I substituted my actual hostname with `hostname`
Mark gravatar image Mark  ( 2011-06-23 06:48:50 -0500 )edit

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answered 2011-06-23 04:52:09 -0500

Mark gravatar image

Alright... it was a rather pathetic network problem. Actually I don't know why, but after the update to Natty, my /etc/hosts file didn't contain the IP adress from my local network anymore. The following entry fixed this.

192.168.1.XXX    hostname
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