switching control_mode in hardware

asked 2017-08-29 08:05:41 -0500

Simon N gravatar image

hello, I'm trying to find documentation on switching the control_mode in hardware, but the wiki site (here and here ) disapeared and I can't find it with archive.org .

I know how to switch the controllers, but the read() and write() methods used in the RobotHW need to know if I'm sending effort or position commands. How can i do that?

I want to control my robot by effort and by position depending on the usecase. For the positions i have already set up position_controllers-joint_position_controller and PositionJointInterface, which work fine. Now i need effort_controllers-joint_effort_controller and a EffortJointInterface, right? But, again, how to determine which Interface is used when the controllers get switched?

Thanks in advance, Simon

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