Permission Denial Jetpack/Jetson TX1

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Hi all,

We are installing Jetpack to use the JETSON TX1 but are incurring several issues. The main issue is from configuring the host computer we receive two main errors.

OSError: [Errno 13]  Permission denied: './ros_lib'
[Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/CMakeLists.txt'./src/ line 31: cd: src/jet_arduino/resources/lib: No such file or directory

We have tried:

sudo chmod 777 ./ros_lib

Below is all the steps we have done. Help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance

What we are doing:

  • downloading NIDIVIA JETPACK
  • Opening terminal

    cd ~/Downloads
    mkdir ~/Documents/JetPack
    cp ~/Documents/JetPack/
    cd ~/Documents/JetPack
    chmod +x

When jetpack window opens we clear actions and automatically resolve dependencies


- Driver for OS - File System - Flash OS - CUDA Toolkit for L4T - cuDNN Package - OpenCV for Tegra


  • Then selected device access internet via router/switch. Select enp9s0
  • Flash the OS by holding down the force recovery button then he reset and releasing them
  • Press enter in command prompt
  • Connect the Jetson to WIFI
  • SSH into the jet using ssh ubuntu@<ipaddress(literal number)>
  • Install git on Jetson using sudo apt-get install git
  • make the ROS workspace directories using mkdir -p ~/catkin_ws and cd ~/catkin_ws
  • Clone resource into src directory git clone link.git src
  • Run ROSJet setup file using ./src/rosjet/
  • Reboot Jetson
  • Configuring host computer
    • Close old terminal
    • install git on computer using sudo apt-get install git
    • mkdir -p ~/catkin_ws
    • cd ~/catkin_ws
    • git clone usinglink.git src
    • ./src/ (Issue here)
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