How do you move a 3 joint(finger) using sendgoal?

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Currently, my sendgoal have a move_group interface solemly for my robot's arm and now i am adding in a new sets of codes to move my finger simultaneously. I have added a duplicate of the right arm's FollowJointTrajectoryActionGoal codes and adjusted it to fit my finger.

Everything complied nicely, but when i run the sendgoal node. My simulation(gazebo) died/crash.

Below is a show of my current codes, Goalf is for the finger,


 // Move the robot (in simulator)
    for (int num_idx = 0; num_idx < num_positions_to_move; num_idx++)   // each step in trajectory

        for (int i = 0; i < gf_joint_names.size(); i++)
            goalf.goal.trajectory.points[num_idx].positions[i] = target_locf[i];

        // print the movement
        for (int k = 0; k < gf_joint_names.size(); k++)     // relay the movement in joint angles [rad] to the user
            printf("%f, ", goalf.goal.trajectory.points[num_idx].positions[k]);
        printf("-- \n");

        // move every dt=T_STEP seconds --> i.e. speed = eef_step/dt
        goalf.goal.trajectory.points[num_idx].time_from_start = ros::Duration(T_STEP * (num_idx+1));

    // finally publish goal, count and sleep according to movement frequancy
   // goal_pub.publish(goal);

Please advice on whats wrong. Thank you in advance.

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