Drivers Initialisation Techniques

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Hi All, I'm attempting to build a ROS driver and looking into how I should manage settings and packets and integration into ROS, I am aware that parameters can be passed to drivers on rosrun but the command would be several pages long if I were to consider sending all packet parameters.

I guess what I would like to know is if I do determine user modifiable parameters vs core driver parameters how do people manage these settings (i.e. user configurable parameters packet tuning vs core parameters to get the parameters you only need) as depending on what sort of metric you want to measure would heavily influence how frequent you'd want to listen to a particular packet, I am also heavily limited by the communication rate so it isn't possible to expos all packets within the max baud rate.

I know I could always just hard code packets that I use but for those that need flexibility and for the sake of ROSifying the driver, I would like to get an idea of what the ROS community does to manage this problem.

If you could point me to a driver that has faced similar issues I would very well appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

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