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Create SRDF in VM without OpenGL

asked 2017-02-21 03:03:20 -0500

Alex_Nitsch gravatar image

updated 2017-02-21 08:04:39 -0500


I am trying to create a whole robot description (URDF + SRDF) in Virtual Box 5.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 and Ros Indigo

Unfortunately I run into two problems: If I have 3D acceleration activated the moveit_setup_assistant crashes on loading any urdf with this Error:

    OpenGL Warning: No pincher, please call crStateSetCurrentPointers() in your SPU
REQUIRED process [moveit_setup_assistant-2] has died!
    process has died [pid 2423, exit code -11, cmd /opt/ros/indigo/lib/moveit_setup_assistant/moveit_setup_assistant __name:=moveit_setup_assistant __log:=/home/alexander/.ros/log/b990ff9c-f810-11e6-846a-0800278f3ae8/moveit_setup_assistant-2.log].
    log file: /home/alexander/.ros/log/b990ff9c-f810-11e6-846a-0800278f3ae8/moveit_setup_assistant-2*.log
    Initiating shutdown!

I tried purging and reinstalling drivers on both my host and guest system. The same problem occurs with RViz. If I disable 3D acceleration I get a login Loop, but even if I manage to login with a simpler dm than lightdm the setup_assistant crashes as soon as I load the urdf.

Even though it would be perfect to solve this problem I have pretty much given up trying to run OpenGL things in the VM. The thing is: I dont really need OpenGL except when using the moveit_setup_assistant to create the SRDF. (It has this robot preview on the right side)

My question is:

Is there another way of creating my SRDF in a similar manner as with the moveit_setup_assistant but without the dependency on OpenGL? Or could someone help me with removing the rviz part from the setup assistant GUI and then building from source?

(I know I could install on a dedicated machine, but that is not an option unfortunately)

Thank you in advance!

Update: I tried editing the source code found here and to just comment out the few lines, where .show() is called for the rviz widget. Unfortunately that did not help :(

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answered 2020-02-26 19:03:51 -0500

fvd gravatar image

I guess this is outdated, but if you really don't want to install ROS on another machine, I would suggest:

1) Use Docker to run it in a container as described here. From my experience, the graphics connection can be easier to set up than a regular VM.

2) You might be able to extract the relevant parts to generate your SRDF from this file.

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