nav2d Exploration finished in TX1

asked 2017-02-19 21:31:35 -0600

ROSYHB gravatar image

Hello,everyone I encountered a problem when I used nav2d in my navdia TX1. After apt-get install ros-indigo-nav2d , I roslaunched tutorial3.launch ,rosservice call /StartMapping 3,rosservice call /StartExploration 2.When called StartMapping,the robot run while the map was mapping.But,when called StartExploration,nothing happened. For finding the reason,I installed it from source and add some log code. I found the cellcount in NearesFrontierPlanner.cpp is much bigger than 50. But I run nav2d well in my computer,are there codes depend on hardware?

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This is difficult to tell without more information. Are there any warnings/errors? Have you tried to manually set a waypoint and see if the robot can reach it? Maybe there are some parameters set differently.

Sebastian Kasperski gravatar image Sebastian Kasperski  ( 2017-03-02 03:46:08 -0600 )edit