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Turtlebot navigation through narrow passageway

asked 2017-02-01 12:13:19 -0500

Rayner gravatar image

Hi all,

Im trying to get my turtlebot to navigate its way through a pretty narrow path of about 48cm wide. I tried to solve the problem by adjusting the inflation radius of all the parameters (costmap_common_params, global_costmap_params, local_costmap_params) but to no avail. The picture in the link ( ) shows the error that I get when assign a 2D Nav goal to make the turtlebot go through the narrow passageway. The turtlebot also goes into recovery action followed by the "DWA planner failed to produce path" message and "Aborting because a valid plan could not be found. Even after executing all recovery behaviors" message. I am using an RPLidar A2 sensor only.

current parameter settings:

costmap_common_params:- robot_radius: 0.20, inflation_radius: 0.25;

local_costmap_params:- inflation_radius: 0.20;

global_costmap_params:- inflation_radius: 0.25

Is there a rule of thumb for setting the costmap parameters for such a case or are there any other way to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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try to shrink the inflation_radius in local cost map, or make the foot print smaller.

FrozenCh gravatar image FrozenCh  ( 2017-02-02 21:53:08 -0500 )edit

Thank you! The results have improved slightly!

Rayner gravatar image Rayner  ( 2017-02-03 09:53:46 -0500 )edit

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answered 2017-02-23 11:31:04 -0500

Rayner gravatar image

I managed to find a good combination of parameters to allow the robot to maneuver through narrow passageways. This can be done not just through tweaking the inflation radius and robot footprint but also by manipulating other parameters like the neutral cost etc.

Managed to find a good report on setting the navigational parameters.

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The link is dead. Can you provide a new one? I am interested in navigating a robot through narrow passageways as well.

tilyevsky gravatar image tilyevsky  ( 2018-12-20 11:42:15 -0500 )edit

I am interested two!

Drik gravatar image Drik  ( 2019-04-08 02:30:26 -0500 )edit

You can reference this file. This was the file i used when figuring out how to overcome this problem.

Rayner gravatar image Rayner  ( 2019-04-09 21:58:04 -0500 )edit

Hey @Rayner, so what were your parameters which worked? Could you please share them?

parzival gravatar image parzival  ( 2019-08-28 11:43:56 -0500 )edit

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