OpenNi2 + Kinect 4W (Mod. 1517)

asked 2017-01-06 12:10:35 -0600

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I have managed to get the Kinect working with the standalone OpenNi2 (v2.2 x64) driver by installing the OpenNI2-FreenectDriver following this guide.

Using the provided NiViewer, I get the RGB as well as the depth images.

However, I can not get it to work with ros-indigo-openni2.

No matching device found.... waiting for devices. Reason: std::string openni2_wrapper::OpenNI2Driver::resolveDeviceURI(const string&) @ /tmp/binarydeb/ros-indigo-openni2-camera-0.2.7/src/openni2_driver.cpp @ 631 : Invalid device number 1, there are 0 devices connected.

Can anyone explain to my step by step how I can recreate the positive results I had with the standalone OpenNi2 software within ROS? Is this possible at all?

Much thanks in advance.

Further (irrelevant I guess) info: We are trying to recreate this project using the Kinect instead of the Asus sensors.

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Any progress with this question? I am having a similar issue.

pallavbakshi gravatar image pallavbakshi  ( 2017-02-03 11:53:59 -0600 )edit