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Best way to view and save hd kinect images

asked 2017-01-04 17:17:41 -0500

pnambiar gravatar image

What is the best way to view and save hd images kinect 2? Driver used is:

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answered 2017-01-05 02:19:17 -0500

rbbg gravatar image

The image_view package has functions to aid in storing images to disk.

If you just want to save single images you can use the image_view node and

You may save the current image by right-clicking on the display window. By default, images will be saved as frame0000.jpg, frame0001.jpg, ....

for storing all images image_view provides an image_saver tool that can be configured to save all images, or only to save when a service is called. This allows you to programmatically set what images are stored to disk.

An alternative would be to use rosbag to store the image topics and extract them later using Exporting Image and Video Data. Note that if you are making a rosbag of all topics, including pointcloud data, the bags will become quite large.

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