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Moveit Virtual Box crashes

asked 2016-12-01 10:26:09 -0600

mutu gravatar image

Hey all,

I installed Ubuntu 14.04 and ROS Indigo on my Virtual Box. After starting the Moveit Setup Assistant and launching an URDF File, the Assistant crashes. I installed the Pr2 Demo Package and tried

roslaunch pr2_moveit_config demo.launch

but RVIZ crashes again with the error Code:

[rviz_muhi_VirtualBox_2662_3043522441594486229-6] process has died [pid 2723, exit code -11, cmd /opt/ros/indigo/lib/rviz/rviz -d /opt/ros/indigo/share/pr2_moveit_config/launch/moveit.rviz __name:=rviz_muhi_VirtualBox_2662_3043522441594486229 __log:=/home/muhi/.ros/log/f849d4d6-b7e0-11e6-a223-08002778ad04/rviz_muhi_VirtualBox_2662_3043522441594486229-6.log].

Do you have any ideas how i can fix this problem?

Thanks and greetings


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Using VMs with RViz (or anything that uses RViz), especially with the PR2, has proven not to be very stable. In some cases updating the drivers for the virtual graphics hw can help, but most of the times it doesn't matter.

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2016-12-01 10:29:23 -0600 )edit

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answered 2016-12-01 15:25:42 -0600

Dave Coleman gravatar image

As @gvdhoorn points out, Rviz has issues. I have just documented this on the installation pages for future users:

If you figure out a fix for Rviz, please contribute!

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