Extracting surface information from STL file [closed]

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Hi, I am using PCL to load my STL file into a Polygonmesh. My main aim is to group the polygons of same surface into one and extract the point information from it. For example, I have an object with 5 faces (lets say curved faces with many polygons) I want to group the polygons of one face into one mesh by this I have to get 5 different meshes.

I have been searching in the internet for surface reconstruction but all of them are starting from PointCloud data and then Normal estimation, cluster extraction and segmentation. I think since we already have the mesh there is no need for this procedure i guess. I am not sure how to work further with this requirement.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I'm sorry, but this is more a PCL question than a ROS one, so I'm closing it. We try to keep ROS Answers as on-topic as possible, so please re-open this question over at the linked PCL support site.


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