How to use rosbridge_tcp.launch?

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I want to publish data to the Ethernet port, my Ethernet connection is working fine( opens robot files in mozilla and chrome browsers which I suppose means that my connection is okay), I set the Ethernet connection's ip in my computer to 192.168.0.yyy so it works. Now I want to publish joint angles(which will be basically a string like):


(^that represents all joints angle in degrees(all zeros) and velocity of 1)

on that connection but I can't find any example on using rosbridge_tcp, so if anyone knows how to achieve that kindly guide me towards the light o wise ones :)

When I run: roslaunch rosbridge_server rosbridge_tcp.launch

I get:

started roslaunch server http://localhost:42462/


 * /rosbridge_tcp/authenticate: False
 * /rosbridge_tcp/delay_between_messages: 0
 * /rosbridge_tcp/fragment_timeout: 600
 * /rosbridge_tcp/host:
 * /rosbridge_tcp/incoming_buffer: 65536
 * /rosbridge_tcp/max_message_size: None
 * /rosbridge_tcp/port: 9090
 * /rosbridge_tcp/retry_startup_delay: 5
 * /rosbridge_tcp/socket_timeout: 10
 * /rosdistro: jade
 * /rosversion: 1.11.20

    rosapi (rosapi/rosapi_node)
    rosbridge_tcp (rosbridge_server/rosbridge_tcp)


core service [/rosout] found
process[rosbridge_tcp-1]: started with pid [10451]
process[rosapi-2]: started with pid [10452]
registered capabilities (classes):
 - rosbridge_library.capabilities.call_service.CallService
 - rosbridge_library.capabilities.advertise.Advertise
 - rosbridge_library.capabilities.publish.Publish
 - rosbridge_library.capabilities.subscribe.Subscribe
 - <class 'rosbridge_library.capabilities.defragmentation.Defragment'>
 - rosbridge_library.capabilities.advertise_service.AdvertiseService
 - rosbridge_library.capabilities.service_response.ServiceResponse
 - rosbridge_library.capabilities.unadvertise_service.UnadvertiseService
trying to start rosbridge TCP server..

[INFO] [WallTime: 1479106715.200108] Rosbridge TCP server started on port 9090

Thanks in advance

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