Openni2 Asus Pro Live found device but fails to set USB interface

asked 2016-10-12 15:02:57 -0600

jacksonpontsler gravatar image

Hey first time asker here so if someone has already answered this question please direct me to the proper link. I'm trying to run an Asus Xition Pro Live using openni2. When I run it roslaunch openni2_launch openni2.launch I get the following output shown below.

The output states that it found my device. but then it states that it could not open my device and therefore failed to set the USB.

I've done this on both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports and get the same outcome, and I do have the latest version of Openni2. Has anyone encountered this problem before? The output of the roslaunch is shown below. Thankyou!

started roslaunch server http://localhost:57049/


PARAMETERS * /camera/camera_nodelet_manager/num_worker_threads: 4 * /camera/depth_rectify_depth/interpolation: 0 * /camera/driver/auto_exposure: True * /camera/driver/auto_white_balance: True * /camera/driver/color_depth_synchronization: False * /camera/driver/depth_camera_info_url: * /camera/driver/depth_frame_id: camera_depth_opti... * /camera/driver/depth_registration: False * /camera/driver/device_id: #1 * /camera/driver/rgb_camera_info_url: * /camera/driver/rgb_frame_id: camera_rgb_optica... * /rosdistro: indigo * /rosversion: 1.11.20

NODES /camera/ camera_nodelet_manager (nodelet/nodelet) depth_metric (nodelet/nodelet) depth_metric_rect (nodelet/nodelet) depth_points (nodelet/nodelet) depth_rectify_depth (nodelet/nodelet) depth_registered_sw_metric_rect (nodelet/nodelet) driver (nodelet/nodelet) points_xyzrgb_sw_registered (nodelet/nodelet) register_depth_rgb (nodelet/nodelet) rgb_rectify_color (nodelet/nodelet) / camera_base_link (tf/static_transform_publisher) camera_base_link1 (tf/static_transform_publisher) camera_base_link2 (tf/static_transform_publisher) camera_base_link3 (tf/static_transform_publisher)


core service [/rosout] found process[camera/camera_nodelet_manager-1]: started with pid [14924] process[camera/driver-2]: started with pid [14925] process[camera/rgb_rectify_color-3]: started with pid [14926] process[camera/depth_rectify_depth-4]: started with pid [14927] process[camera/depth_metric_rect-5]: started with pid [14928] process[camera/depth_metric-6]: started with pid [14941] process[camera/depth_points-7]: started with pid [14955] process[camera/register_depth_rgb-8]: started with pid [14960] process[camera/points_xyzrgb_sw_registered-9]: started with pid [14965] process[camera/depth_registered_sw_metric_rect-10]: started with pid [14977] process[camera_base_link-11]: started with pid [14995] process[camera_base_link1-12]: started with pid [14997] process[camera_base_link2-13]: started with pid [15005] process[camera_base_link3-14]: started with pid [15015] Could not open "1d27/0600@3/14": Failed to set USB interface!

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