Spawn urdf-model in gazebo

asked 2016-07-31 11:31:34 -0500

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I am trying to spawn my urdf-model in gazebo, so i have created the urdf-file in ~/catkin_ws/src/robot_description/src/urdf and the model.config file in ~/catkin_ws/src/robot_description/src with the line: <sdf>urdf/robot.urdf</sdf> . I add "export GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH=/home/timo/catkin_ws/src/" to .bashrc .

When i start gazebo and go on Insert it only shows me the preinstalled model-database and the line /home/timo/catkin_ws/src/ but without any pulldown window. Did I have forgot anything?

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Hi, did you solve the problem?I've the same one.Thanks

kathrin@ros gravatar image kathrin@ros  ( 2018-06-10 06:38:34 -0500 )edit