Turtlebot stack is generic?

asked 2016-06-09 17:30:03 -0500

I’m planning to install the Turtlebot stack on my robot in order to get the complete navigation stack but this machine doesn’t have a similar base. Is this a poor plan? My base is the DF robot office rover and has a Sabertooth 2x25 motor controller. The reason for the powerful controller is that this is an indoor test platform for my outdoor yard bot which is the real goal for development. So in reality the base is more like a Husky robot. Should I install the Husky stack? I planned on using the “differential_drive” package (Groovy), though it isn’t listed with Indigo release. My robot has no arms or actuators. The brain is an NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and vision is through the StereoLabs ZED. Thanks for your comments!

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