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lidar lite V 2 with HectorSlam

asked 2016-05-07 00:10:47 -0500

kurst811 gravatar image


Is there any instruction on how to use hector_slam with the Lidar Lite V 2 assuming that the Lidar is rotating 360 degree continuously. I have install ROS indigo on my Raspberry Pi 2 and complete the tutorial for hector_slam. I am just stuck on how to make hector_slam generate the bag file for mapping.

Thank you.

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have you solved this problem, sir ? i have a similar one.

marawy_alsakaf gravatar image marawy_alsakaf  ( 2017-11-30 01:54:28 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2016-05-14 13:26:42 -0500

b2meer gravatar image

I am also trying to use lidar lite v2 rotating 360 but with gmapping. Can you guide me how have you communicated the rotating behavior in your mapping node (i.e. hector_slam).

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answered 2016-05-07 07:15:30 -0500

PizzaTime gravatar image

its some time ago that i've worked with hector slam, but normally you only need to publish a message /scan message with your lidar and set this topic in your hector-launch file. when hector_slam is started you should see that the /map topic is published (also viewable in rviz)

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