hector slam and the hector_costmap,planer

asked 2015-03-22 01:30:30 -0500

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updated 2015-03-22 01:30:52 -0500

hello everyone:

I am studying the hector_slam , and I got some problem : I have successful use the hector_mapping and the geotiff to get a map , and now I want to use the hector_costmap and hector_exploration_planner,controller (just like the robcup rescue) , but I have no ideas how to do it , can anybody give me some advise ?

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were you able to figure out anything about this? I want to use the hector exploration node and hector exploration controller as well but there isnt sufficient documentation available

RS gravatar image RS  ( 2015-07-26 20:54:56 -0500 )edit