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IMU Values jumping around

asked 2016-04-15 18:37:22 -0500

badrobit gravatar image

I am currently using the robot_localization node in order to fuse together wheel odometry and IMU odometry. The Wheel odometry looks okay but once I add in the IMU data the vehicle starts to jump around when I watch the pose in rviz. I used the hector_trajectory node to track the pose and it make the error pretty clear. I am not sure what could be causing it. Here is the trajectory that was traced.

image description

My system is setup so that the rover base frame is /base_frame the wheel odometry is reported from the /odom frame. The IMU data is being reported from an /imu frame which has a fixed translation transform from imu -> base_frame with a transform of x=0, y=0, z=0.

The first part of the path is without IMU data present in the system.

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Can you post sample input messages and your r_l config?

Tom Moore gravatar image Tom Moore  ( 2016-05-09 19:51:08 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-04-18 13:41:03 -0500

With the robot standing still, check the output from the IMU. It's possible that it is just really noisy. If it jumps around a lot while stationary, maybe try swapping it out and seeing if that works. If you find that there is a constant offset you could also try putting some code in the IMU driver to compensate for it, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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