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Exploration and SLAM

asked 2016-03-07 07:32:55 -0600

papaclaudia gravatar image

Hi! I would do the navigation and exploration of an environment and in the meantime to make a map of the environment. I can already carry a map with a launch file called neato.launch but I am moving the LIDAR in the direction that I want. Now, I would like to make a navigation and exploration, so I installed hector_navigation and I following this link to create nav.launch file: Then I run these commands:

rosrun xv_11_laser_driver neato_laser_publisher _port:=/dev/ttyUSB0 _firmware_version:=2
rosrun tf static_transform_publisher x y z yaw pitch roll frame_id child_frame_id period_in_ms
roslaunch hector_slam_launch neato.launch

because these are nodes of my neato.launch file, then I type

rosrun hector_costmap hector_costmap
rosrun hector_driving_aid_markers hector_driving_aid_markers_node
rosrun hector_elevation_mapping ElevationMappingNode
rosrun hector_elevation_visualization hector_elevation_visualization_node
rosrun hector_exploration_node exploration_planner_node
roslaunch nav.launch
rosrun hector_exploration_controller simple_exploration_controller

because they are nodes of nav.launch taken from link above. My questions are: is some command missing? How can I check from the map that everything is working properly? Thank you.

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answered 2016-03-18 19:25:24 -0600

jcardenasc93 gravatar image

updated 2016-03-18 19:25:53 -0600

Hi, I really don't work with hector_slam yet, but for your question of checking the map you can use Rviz to visualize the current state of your /map topic

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