Structure from Motion: Sync images with gps

asked 2016-02-19 04:57:41 -0500

JanB gravatar image

I want to implement a SfM Algorithm in ROS. I am not really familiar with the possibilities of ROS but I've already seen the some tutorials. So I know a bit about topics and nodes.

The toolchain I want to complete is: 1. take x Numbers of samples 2. synchronize them with the odometry (GPS) 3. get disparity from plane sweeping algorithm

Now I try to realize this in ROS. The Odometry has a higher Hz than the camera so if I try to sync my images with the odom their has to be kind of interpolate with 2 odom updates around the timestamp of the image.

Can you give me an example for syn the Images with the odometry or is it already done by ROS? Do I need the message filter for this purpose?

How can I collect the images? Do I have to buffer them in a list?

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