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hokuyo dies in ros-gazebo, works in gazebo?

asked 2015-11-20 04:29:16 -0500 gravatar image

I've just upgraded to ROS Jade and Gazebo 5.0 and am having problems with my robot model.

When I take out my lidar node, my world works with both $ gazebo and $roslaunch mylaunch.launch where mylaunch wraps But when I add my hoyoyo lidar (as used to work in Indigo), it works with $ gazebo but segfaults when I run gazebo through roslaunch. Any ideas?

Here's what I add to sdf for the lidar: <include> <uri>model://hokuyo</uri> <pose>0.45 0 0.45 0 0.15 0</pose> </include> <joint name="hokuyo_joint" type="revolute"> <child>hokuyo::link</child> <parent>chassis</parent> <axis> <xyz>0 0 1</xyz> <limit> <upper>0</upper> <lower>0</lower> </limit> </axis> </joint>

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answered 2015-11-20 04:34:14 -0500 gravatar image

Some more info on this:

If I remove the hoyuko from the model.sdf and add it manually to the scene using the Gazebo GUI: Running gazebo directly -- this works and inserts a 3D model lidar with a visible blue ray
Running via roslaunch: -- it inserts the 3D lidar model but no blue rays are seen -- suggests something wrong

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OK the problem is that the GPU laser plugin isn't working under roslaunch since I moved to Jade/Gaz5.0. If I go back to non-GPU then it works again, <controller:gazebo_ros_laser name="gazebo_ros_laser_controller" plugin="">

could this be a bug in the latest gpu plugin ? gravatar image  ( 2015-11-20 04:56:11 -0500 )edit

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