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Is it possible to use MicroStrain IMU 3DM GX4-25 in Hector SLAM

asked 2015-11-06 10:21:39 -0500

elton gravatar image

I tried to use IMU 3dm Gx4 25 in Hector SLAM. The package of IMU 3dm Gx4 comes from the website:

However, I got a problem when I used Hector SLAM. After using roswtf, it showed that there was no tf message. Furthermore, the problem might be come from hector_imu_attitude_to_tf.

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answered 2018-07-26 02:06:20 -0500

As long as your sensor publishes sensor_msgs/Imu you can use it. Your Problem looks like you do not have transformation between robot-base and IMU sensor. Did you add it into urdf file (or urdf.xacro)? If not you should do it.

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Asked: 2015-11-06 10:21:39 -0500

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