Comment on some rosbuild tutorial pages

asked 2015-08-21 20:51:42 -0500

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Hi, just wanted to point out that under the 'rosbuild' option for these tutorial pages there is a review section at the end of each that is incorrect. It lists commands that weren't covered or mentioned in the current version of the tutorial. Just thought I'd point this out to whomever manages those pages, thanks.

On "Buidling a Package" it says we should have used rosdep On "Creating a Package" it says we should have used rosstack

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Can you please post the links to those tutorials? Furthermore, if it is in the ROS wiki, as a wiki, you can edit it and correct the errors.

Javier V. Gómez gravatar image Javier V. Gómez  ( 2015-08-23 07:56:46 -0500 )edit