Error with rosservice in Matlab robotics toolbox

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I'm trying to learn the Matlab Robotics Toolbox and got to the "Getting Started with Gazebo and a Simulated TurtleBot" tutorial: Getting Started with Gazebo and a Simulated TurtleBot

I'm running Matlab 2015 on Windows 7, with a Ubuntu 12.04 virtual machine with ROS indigo.

I ran the turtlebot simulation in gazebo, and I can connect to the ros master in matlab, and see the list of ros topics in Matlab.

But, when I get to the step where I have to use the command:

gazebo = ExampleHelperGazeboCommunicator();

I get an error saying:

Error using ExampleHelperGazeboCommunicator/initServiceClients (line 346) Failed to create a /gazebo/pause_physics service client.

Error in ExampleHelperGazeboCommunicator (line 71) initServiceClients(obj);

Therefore, there is a problem with creating a client for the service /gazebo/pause_physics

Using the command rosservice list I listed all the services, and found out that the service does exist. But when I tried to use rosservice info, or rosservice type, I got an error saying:

A gazebo/pause_physics service does not exist. To see a list of available services, enter "rosservice list".

Which is weird, as when I enter rosservice list, I can see the service listed.

Using "rosservice url" for the service finds the right url of the virtual machine.

I tried checking the other services, and the same thing happens.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Thank you!

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Hi! I have the same problem. How did you solve it??

magali gravatar image magali  ( 2015-12-21 11:43:05 -0500 )edit