Elevated point cloud map not working

asked 2015-07-29 23:25:11 -0500

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Hi all.

After various attempts of different setup, I am still unable to produce a elevated point cloud map from ASUS camera and hector_elevation_mapping.

To be clear, the elevated mapping is the one is this video (I assume, since there are point clouds): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKI37...

Awesome work by Team Hector Darmstadt.

Unfortunately, after almost 3 weeks of researching and setting up, I'm not even close to that. Currently, my progress is: elevation marker array.png

Basically, the camera gives out depth/points images and there are cells filling up the area.

My rqt_graph: before elevation works.png

My rqt_tf_tree: /map-->/base_footprint-->/base_stabilized-->/base_link-->/laser and /camera_link

Can anyone confirm whether my setting up is correct, based on the rqt_graph and rqt_tf_tree?

I'm stuck in the same stage for a week already. This is a new project by my teacher, which he hasn't try himself before either. So I will be really glad if someone can provide some advice for me.

Thank you!

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