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Removing a prefix from a Diagnostics Aggregator Group

asked 2015-07-07 14:11:20 -0500

David Lu gravatar image

updated 2015-07-21 12:34:01 -0500

I'm trying to configure a diagnostics aggregator, and all of the messages have names like name_of_robot/camera, name_of_robot/laser

Is there a way to remove all of those prefixes at once?

Edit: Sorry for the delay. Had to find the proper bag file.

I'd like to be able to group all messages with the same prefix, i.e. all messages from one robot namespace (p1_003 here). It seems like currently you can only find-and-remove prefixes for the generic analyzer, not for an entire group.

Here is a sample laser message.

  seq: 1
    secs: 1435085520
    nsecs: 104394528
  frame_id: ''
    level: 0
    name: p1_003/laser: Hardware Status
    message: Streaming
    hardware_id: H1415783
        key: IP Address
        key: IP Port
        value: 10940
        key: Vendor Name
        value: Hokuyo Automatic Co., Ltd.
        key: Product Name
        value: UST-10LX
        key: Firmware Version
        value: receive error.
        key: Firmware Date
        value: receive error.
        key: Protocol Version
        value: SCIP 2.2
        key: Device ID
        value: H1415783
        key: Computed Latency
        value: 0.000000000
        key: User Time Offset
        value: 0.000000000
        key: Device Status
        value: sensor is working normally
        key: Error Count
        value: 0
    level: 0
    name: p1_003/laser: Laser Scan topic status
    message: Desired frequency met
    hardware_id: H1415783
        key: Events in window
        value: 201
        key: Events since startup
        value: 5010
        key: Duration of window (s)
        value: 5.024177
        key: Actual frequency (Hz)
        value: 40.006556
        key: Target frequency (Hz)
        value: 40.000000
        key: Minimum acceptable frequency (Hz)
        value: 38.000000
        key: Maximum acceptable frequency (Hz)
        value: 42.000000

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answered 2015-07-08 01:50:38 -0500

ahendrix gravatar image

Are you trying to remove these prefixes from the input to the aggregator, or its output?

If they're not present on the input, but they are showing up on the output, you may want to look at your aggregator config to see if there's a top-level AggregatorGroup that's set to your robot name.

If you can post a sample message from the /diagnostics topic and your aggregator config, that would help.

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