stereo_image_proc and V-rep: Don get the point cloud

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hi, I create a model of a stereo camera in V-rep with tow vision sensors and publish the images in ROS. Then I use stereo_image_proc to create the disparity map and the point cloud. The disparity map works without problem, but I am no able to get the point cloud in the pointcloud2 topic. Does any one know what could be the problem?

I can use image_view and I get the three image perfectly. I have also tried to change the parameters. My problem come with the pointCloud2 topic. I get the RGB part but not the XYZ. I am working with a camera created in the V-rep simulator (not with a real camera) and I think that the problem came from there.

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Can you use image_view to see both left and right image_rect topics and disparity? Are those okay? Also I usually have problems with the stereo_image_proc parameters. Use rqt_reconfigure to set the disparity range to a higher value, for example 128 or so

ffusion gravatar image ffusion  ( 2015-06-26 04:48:01 -0500 )edit