Installing ROS on RPI2: Perception Variant

asked 2015-06-01 16:10:08 -0600

Galto2000 gravatar image

Howdy folks,

I am pretty new to ROS.

I am following the published instructions for installing ROS Indigo on the Raspberry PI. I decided not to go with the bare bones ROS install (the comms variant), but with the perception variant, because I want to use the picam and OpenCV.

I am having issues installing the perception variant because PCL is not installed.

I tried removing the modules that depend on PCL


$wstool rm pcl_conversion

$rm -rf pcl_conversion

and so on...

But this is time consuming, and instead I want to know how to hand-pick-install extra modules from the bare bones variant on the raspberry pi 2. How should I go about this?

Also, all I want to do is to detect certain features, and then send these features over to another computer on which ROS is also installed. What modules do I require to achieve this?

Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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