Some questions about rgbdslam v2

asked 2015-05-26 20:36:46 -0500

NKUBRUCE gravatar image

We want to get the global map from rgbdslam v2 online, so that we can control the mobile robot navigate in our lab and avoid the obstacle autonomously. I try some methods, but I failed. such as get the batch_clouds and show in octomap_server, It is too slowly and unstale. I want to know can I get the pointcloud of the map just the same as the GUI viewed in realtime? I mean not saving the clouds to my file but getting the clouds in my program, for example, subscribing a topic.

What' more, I have read felix's paper and I found that SIFTGPU is much better that other algorithms. I want to know how to use SIFTGPU and I have install cuda on my computer.

Thanks a lot!

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