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PTAM Configuration Files

asked 2015-04-29 10:53:18 -0500

Nepitwin gravatar image

I installed on my ROS Indigo System ptam.

I want to use the camera calibration. But in the Tutorial on Step 4 it says :

Edit the PtamFixParams.yaml file and set the parameters "ImageSizeX" "ImageSizeY" to your image resolution.

Edit the cameracalibrator.launch file to map the image to your image topic. Point the camera to the calibration pattern and only then start the cameracalibrator node.

My Question is where is the PtamFixParams.yaml and cameracalibrator.launch file to map in the ptam sources to edit the configuration to the right camera input?

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-05-04 08:51:06 -0500

timster gravatar image

It is located in ethzasl_ptam/ptam/

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It works now after i configured my Node :-) Thanks

Nepitwin gravatar image Nepitwin  ( 2015-05-04 09:20:54 -0500 )edit

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