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Problem creating OctoMap from PointCloud2

asked 2015-02-14 14:19:21 -0500

shehrozeb37 gravatar image

Hi I am trying to create an octomap from PointCloud2. I load the pointcloud from my ply file convert it into PointCloud2 and publish it on 'cloud_in' topic. The messages are published file. I then launch the octo map node via the launch file which is below


<!-- Octomap Server -->
<node pkg="octomap_server" type="octomap_server_node" name="octomap">
    <param name="resolution" value="0.05" />

    <param name="frame_id" type="string" value="base_link" />

    <param name="max_sensor_range" value="20.0" />

    <param name="latch" value="false" />
    <remap from="cloud_in" to="occupied_cells_vis" />



but unfortunately I cant see anything on Rviz MarkerArray which is listening to occupied_cells_vis. What am I doing wrong here ????

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Is the transform correct? your remap should be from="cloud_in" to=the topic you publish with the messages

chris_ gravatar image chris_  ( 2015-02-15 21:44:16 -0500 )edit

can i ask you how open the ply file and convert the pointcloud publishing it in pointcloud2??

JacoPisa gravatar image JacoPisa  ( 2015-02-17 03:27:56 -0500 )edit

I could already create octomap from pointcloud. In your line '<remap from="cloud_in" to="occupied_cells_vis"/>' change the occupied_cells_vis to the output topic from your pointcloud. Make sure that your output topic of point cloud has the kind of message poincloud2 and has data in the output.

knightd23 gravatar image knightd23  ( 2015-09-03 08:58:49 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-07-21 05:46:21 -0500

knightd23 gravatar image


I have the same problem, but instead of occupied_cells_vis I use my_cloud, which is the topic that provides the pointCloud2. What I doing wrong?

I saw the chris_ comment and I don't know where I can put the transform, however I own the topics publish the transformation (tf and tf_static).

Best Regards

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