Spawning Robot in Gazebo Problem

asked 2015-02-13 09:02:06 -0500

adam896 gravatar image

Currently I have a robot which I made the URDF file for. I wrote the file with all the joints in the XY plane to make the 3D coordinates simpler, if you can imagine a standing human pose, it is something similar. The actual pose the robot sits in is close to a kneeling position for a human so I have set some of the joints to revolute with very close upper and lower limits to "fix" the joint in the position I want. My problem is that when the robot is spawned into Gazebo it spawns in its fully upright (standing) position and quickly moves the joints to the angle determined by the revolute joints in the following frames. This seems to be causing many errors as it is causing momentum in the links that are moving in the robot causing it to flip over.

Is there a simpler way to fix this problem rather than re-writing the URDF file in the kneeling position rather than the standing?

Thanks in advance, Adam

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