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Ethernet stack for ROS

asked 2014-11-06 05:45:21 -0600

sumanth gravatar image

I have a micro controller with TCP/IP and Ethernet stack available, This is capable of sending the messages over TCP/IP. But is there any possibility with ROS to receive these message with a Linux PC running ROS.

A similar package to rosserial or something..?

thanks in advance.

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answered 2014-11-12 22:40:12 -0600

Ryan gravatar image

In fact, rosserial_server exists for this purpose. We use it regularly to send information from Windows programs to ROS (example use cases: Microsoft Kinect 2 SDKs, Thalmic Myo SDK). Another option is rosbridge.

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See also rosserial_embedded_linux -- this is the client library for C/C++ devices that lack support for Boost.

fergs gravatar image fergs  ( 2014-11-13 03:13:33 -0600 )edit

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