Install ros-indigo-openni-camera vs OpenNI standalone

asked 2014-10-29 19:55:08 -0600

moyashi gravatar image

Hi there,

I'm wondering if I should install OpenNI standalone or ros-indigo-openni-camera.
Which is recommended ?
In my opinion, OpenNI standalone installation is more flexible. Is it right ??
Furthermore, I'm going to install iai_kinect2 and libfreenect2 in order to use Kinect v2.
Can they coexist in one laptop and work well respectively ?

My situation is as follows...

  1. I'd like to use OpenNI, NITE and OpenNI2 as library and Xtion, Kinect and Kinect v2 as hardware.
  2. I'm afraid of conflict between OpenNI installed standalone and OpenNI installed through ros-indigo-openni-camera. Actually, once I had installed OpenNI standalone after installed ros-indigo-openni-camera, critical conflict had occured and I couldn't solve it.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi did you get OpenNI to work with the kinect v2? I'm trying to do object recognition but it seems that all the libraries don't work with the kinect v2...

TedK gravatar image TedK  ( 2015-02-09 11:05:23 -0600 )edit