rosmake fails for all packages in raspberry pi

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I have been working on camera modules with raspberry pi (Wheezy). to name a few packages, usb_cam, gencam_cu etc. these packages get built fine with rosmake command on my pc (ubuntu + ros groovy), however they fail to build on Raspberry pi (wheezy).

I also remember having trouble with installing the wstool on wheezy with sudo apt-get so I had to work around a bit by installing this using easy_install, I understand that this tool is very important in the build tool chain. Also, each time I run rosmake, the tool is not able to find the library files and returns something like

/usr/bin/ld : cannot find -l: /usr/lib/

/usr/bin/ld : cannot find -l: /usr/lib/


collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

the version of wstool installed on (wheezy) is v 0.1.4, I have python2.7, rospkg ver 1.0.29, and rosdep ver 0.10.30

so, requesting ros users to share info regarding the right way of going about with rosmake on wheezy(aka. raspbian) . Thanks again.



Update: After few days of searching, I found out that these answers (1, 2, 3 ) are relevant to my current struggle of getting rosmake to compile my source code on RPi. which is related to the version of python-* tool installed that is outdated on my RPi. Again it would be great if someone can share the experience of upgrading their py-* version from here.

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