Setting goals manually for 5Dof youBot

asked 2014-08-13 10:13:59 -0600

SteveFun gravatar image

Hello there

I'm currently working with a youBot from Kuka. I managed to set it up with MoveIt, when generating random valid poses or when manipulating the arm in rviz, everything works like a charm. However, eventually, the arm should accept user input for positioning. This poses a problem, since the youBot arm has only 5 Dofs, so in 99% of my attempts to set a pose manually (explicitly setting x,y,z and quaternion) no solution was found. This makes sense, as one Dof is always dependent on the other Dofs, so can not be set freely. I saw that it should be possible to use IKFast plugin with a 5 Dof robot, but I did not manage to set it up, did not find a solution to my problems. So, my question is, whether there exist other solutions to use MoveIt with a 5 Dof arm?

Thanks in advance, greetings


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