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rqt_graph topic statistics not working

asked 2014-07-30 09:47:04 -0500

dotcom gravatar image

updated 2014-07-30 18:33:04 -0500

William gravatar image

This is the documentation i'm following:

This feature is not working on my system. I can't find the reason why.

  • ROS Indigo
  • Ubuntu 14.04

Tested by creating some instances of the turtlesim package's executables.

Here's my result when using rqt_graph. You can see from the terminal window that the parameter is currently set to true


Please ignore the line under the terminal window.

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As answered below, besides setting the parameter to true, one needs to launch topic monitor and *tick* every statistics that is desired. 1. Launch rqt 2. Plugins -> topics -> topic monitor

dotcom gravatar image dotcom  ( 2014-07-31 04:32:02 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-07-30 18:44:40 -0500

William gravatar image

You may need to set the parameter before launching the nodes you want to introspect. I am able to monitor the statistics between turtlesim and the robot steering rqt plugin on my machine running indigo:

image description

Also, remember that you need to manually refresh the rqt Node Graph window using the refresh button.

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Thank you, I think I was missing the ticks on Topic Monitor. The rqt_graph documentation led me to believe all statistics measurements would be active after setting the parameter to true. Enabling isn't the same as doing that, though.

dotcom gravatar image dotcom  ( 2014-07-31 04:29:33 -0500 )edit

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