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nav2d and Turtlebot

asked 2014-07-29 12:17:09 -0500

hades gravatar image

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to use nav2d package( with my turtlebot. But i have no idea how to mapping (or config) nav2d with turtlebot. So has anyone experienced this problem?


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I guess that nav2d is simulator because there is stage_ros in part of How to start. I don't try it, but I think that you just replace robot model into turtlebot.

Ken_in_JAPAN gravatar image Ken_in_JAPAN  ( 2014-07-30 00:28:54 -0500 )edit

Hi Ken, thanks for your answer. I edited file tutorial3.launch and it worked. But It has errors below: - Could not get robot position: Lookup would require extrapolation into the future. - Exploration failed, could not get current position. So, Do you have any ideas?

hades gravatar image hades  ( 2014-07-30 03:54:35 -0500 )edit

I think relationship between map and robot is not described on tutorial3.launch. So, robot can't get its position. I guess that. As I don't read tutorial3.launch, I can't answer precisely. I recommend that you will check other launch files about turtlebot.

Ken_in_JAPAN gravatar image Ken_in_JAPAN  ( 2014-07-30 11:39:13 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-09-04 02:07:20 -0500

Sebastian Kasperski gravatar image


the nav2d package should be possible to use on any robot moving on a plane. The examples all use stage simulation for demonstration, but we used it on Pioneer robots as well. For a start I suggest you try to apply tutorial1 to your robot. You have to replace stage with your robot-driver. The RobotOperator generates a geometry_msgs::Twist, which is common in ROS to control any type of robot. If your driver uses this message-type, you can connect it directly. If this works, you can add navigation and mapping step by step following tutorials 2 and 3.

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