questions about dijkstra algorithm used in navfn package to path planning

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i am a student from xi’an of China, also a freshman to ROS. when i learning the path planning algorithm of 2d_navigation ,locating in navfn package. like other people ,i found it use Dijkstra algorithm to do it, here are some my questions :

  1. in the navfn/include/navfn/navfn.h (because my karma is insufficient to publish the link,sorry )

    * line 161,what does “ *float *potarr ” mean, What it is used for? What is the difference between “potarr array”and “cost array”?

    * line 167*,what does “ int *curp , int *nextp ,int *overp ”mean,what are they used for?

  2. in the navfn/include/navfn/navfn.cpp, I think like Astar algorithm (basically understand its principle), in the code ,there are two lists, OPEN and CLOSED,where are they ,how does the "updateCell function"line 472,update ?

Any suggestions will be appreciated,thank you very much!

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Have you got the answer? I am also looking for the answer.

RB gravatar imageRB ( 2015-01-25 11:49:24 -0600 )edit

@RB,sorry,i didn't got the answer.i found it was very difficult for me when i took many hours on it .now i am learning other ROS knowledge,if possible ,maybe we can exchange some ideas about ROS.

jxl gravatar imagejxl ( 2015-03-03 01:50:19 -0600 )edit

@jxl, Hi..Sorry to reply late!! No problem, we can discuss ideas about ROS.

RB gravatar imageRB ( 2015-05-02 00:52:52 -0600 )edit

@RB,Hi...Did you know how to save the path published by the global path planner ,link is here

jxl gravatar imagejxl ( 2015-05-06 21:12:53 -0600 )edit