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re_comm run issue

asked 2014-03-31 07:33:32 -0600

rmb209 gravatar image

updated 2014-03-31 07:53:26 -0600

I have just installed RoboEarth but am having problems running re_comm as detailed here The output

rmb209@rmb209-Studio-1555:~/ros/stacks/knowrob$ rosrun re_comm run

rospack Error: stack/package re_comm not found

Could anyone suggest a reason or solution for this?

I have finished the installation instructions here, which seem to have built without any issues.


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This is on fuerte

rmb209 gravatar image rmb209  ( 2014-03-31 07:34:40 -0600 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2014-03-31 21:51:06 -0600

moritz gravatar image

The error message means that ROS cannot find the re_comm package. Please make sure that it is part of your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH. If you used rosinstall or rosws for installation, don't forget to source the setup.bash again.

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Following this I then had to re-follow the setting java path answer in a previous question and set JAVA_HOME Thank you for your assistance.

rmb209 gravatar image rmb209  ( 2014-04-01 01:11:47 -0600 )edit

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