Inverse kinematic for getting Jointstates

asked 2014-03-21 07:55:01 -0500

deulogio gravatar image

Hi all, I need some help because I have realised that I am really ignorant about ROS and C++. After trying to control UR5 with arm_navigation( we have to work with fuerte), we decided to create a new package to control it. So, we got move the robot to a specific point. On this way, I can obtain the position of the end-effector.

Now, I have to mimic the real robot in Rviz. So, I think that I would need to get the jointstates messages in order that robot_state_publisher does its work. As i understand it, a way to get this aim, could be to implement a Inverse Kinematic node which publish the joint_states topic that I need ,function of the known specific point. I have looked for KDL and IK solvers but I cant solve my doubts.

Do you think this way is correct? Could you help me about a valid Inverse Kinematic node?

Thanks all, Deulogio

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