NAO robot speech recognition on unknown words in python [closed]

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Hello people! I am a beginner in NAO programming and I have to run a project involving NAO robot programmed in python. What I have to do is to assign some knowledge on what is shown to NAO.

For example:

  • A person shows NAO a picture of a house (drawn by hand on a whiteboard)
  • The person says "House"
  • NAO now knows that the picture shown represents a house

The problem I have encountered is in the speech recognition module. Only words in a certain vocabulary could be recognized. But in my project setting, a person should draw on a whiteboard and say to NAO what is drawn there. So, means I cannot know what the person is going to draw and I cannot set the vocabulary in advance.

How could I solve this problem? Is there any better documentation I can refer to?

Thanks in advance!

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