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change / update odom_combined

asked 2011-12-05 19:05:09 -0500

el_loco gravatar image

Hello, i beam my robot with set model state to move it in gazebo to different positions and then make a laserscan. now my problem is, that the odom_combined isn't updated because it doesn't move to the position only beamed. so i need to change my odom_combined, but i don't know really how. i tried it with nav_msgs::Odometry but it does not make anything. can someone help?


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answered 2011-12-14 09:25:33 -0500

Wim gravatar image

Odometry is guaranteed to evolve over time in a continuous matter. So when your robot jumps for some reason (either you move the model in simulation, or your localization snaps the robot back in place), the odometry will not follow this jump. See this link for more details:

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Asked: 2011-12-05 19:05:09 -0500

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