Simulated kinect (gazebo) and real kinect don't quite match. [closed]

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I am working on an application that requires an exact correspondence between the image and depth information for a kinect in simulation and in real life. Using images and depth information from the turtlebot_simulator in gazebo and a real kinect, there seems to be a roughly linear relationship between the simulated kinect and the real kinect, but they are off by several centimeters. The following equation is in meters:

z_sim = 1.0816*z_real - 0.0123

To get this equation, I first measured a known object and constructed an exact mesh of that object, and then moved the simulated mesh in front of the turtlebot kinect, trying to align the real object in the real kinect image to look exactly the same as the simulated image from the simulated kinect by adjusting the location of the real object. Once I had a good alignment, I recorded the actual depth verse the simulated depth. After repeating this several times for different depths, I fit a line to the data, and got the above equation.

Why does this difference exist? Can it be fixed to be more accurate?


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We reused the simulated kinect from turtlebot and attached it on a robot arm. We noticed the same ffset but did not actually measure it. This leads our robot to be off by a centimeter when grasping an object. Changing FOV did not change.

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