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I would use the ompl_ros_interface package for add a planner on my pioneer 3AT simulated on Gazebo. I follow the Beginner Tutorials inside the package and I made this p3at_description.yaml:

  - name: odom_joint
    type: Floating
    parent_frame_id: odom
    child_frame_id: chassis_body
  - name: robot_body
  - chassis_body
  - left_front_unit_cylinder
  - left_rear_unit_cylinder
  - right_front_unit_cylinder
  - right_rear_unit_cylinder
  - left_front_tire
  - left_rear_tire
  - right_front_tire
  - right_rear_tire
  - left_front_wheel_hinge
  - left_rear_wheel_hinge
  - right_front_wheel_hinge
  - right_rear_wheel_hinge

And loaded it as server parameter by the following launch file:

<param name="robot_description" textfile="$(find human_avoidance)/pioneer3AT.xml" /> 
<node pkg="ompl_ros_interface" type="ompl_ros" name="ompl_planning" output="screen">    
   <rosparam command="load" file="$(find human_avoidance)/p3at_planning.yaml" />
<rosparam command="load" file="$(find human_avoidance)/p3at_description.yaml" />

After launching that I start a gazebo simulation where I spawn my pioneer3AT urdf model and create a transform between a root frame, called odom, and the base_link frame, called chassis_body. When I launch the ompl node i receive this errors:

[ WARN] [1321740761.671079439]: No multi dof joints specified, including root to world conversion
[ WARN] [1321740761.672289999]: No groups for planning specified in /robot_description_planning/groups
[ WARN] [1321740761.672403679]: Can't do anything without a root transform
[ WARN] [1321740761.674428279]: No default collision operations specified

Where am I wrong? It's a good idea using the ompl interface for this kind of stuff?Should I use other motion_planning packages for diffdrive robots? Thanks in advance! Nikkio

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