move_arm in pr2_3dnav need guidance [closed]

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guys i was using normal trajectory motion(not the constraint aware one ) for picking up "Duplos" (yah the lego one's) till now and my prof has asked me to use collision free motion planning im having 0 success working with table top manipulation and i have managed to use move_arm package successfully- however the only problem i face is that when i try to pick the object it considers that as an obstacle and never goes near it.

Sooo what i have is - table cloud (segmented out) , the duplos segmented out individually. i saw the move_arm makes a collision map now if there was a way to remove my duplo cloud from the collision map my life should be good :D . Is there such a way and if there isnt guide me a little ill try and make it up and please dont tell me to use table top manipulation cause im seriously going nowhere with it :)

thanks :D

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