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Making a .pgm map file for use with Stageros

asked 2011-10-23 23:17:42 -0500

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I wondering if someone can give some insight on how to get started. If you startup Stageros for the first time, you have some sample worlds, and There is also a .pgm file called willow-full. I have a floor layout from my department that came from architects of the building, it gives me the simulated ground truth for the building. The metrics are different than the sample files, and the map is bigger. From what I can gather, Stageros takes the black pixels from the image and constructs the map from that. The image I have is 2008 x 2008. Do I have to do resizing? What other information do I need to consider with the world file so it can work?

Thanks in advance.

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answered 2011-11-04 23:42:15 -0500

updated 2012-08-24 16:04:25 -0500

You do not particularly need a pgm image - you can use png image files too. If you are at Ubuntu, then you can make png file of your floor layout using gimp and use them with stage.

For the metric, you can play with this part of the code in;

window (
size [ 745.000 448.000 ]

rotate [ 0.000 -1.560 ]
scale 28.806

You can find some sample png files (and world files), that I used in my simulation here;



You can also have a look at these tutorial, they actually make pgm images as outputs, however you will need to master stage before attempting them;



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